Our distinguishing features

In order to meet the expectations of the market with regard to superior print quality and repeatability and short series printing, mFlex extended its offer by digital printing technology and thermal lamination of film without the use of adhesives.

Unique print quality

The major advantages of our technology are, in the first place, unique print quality and customized packaging, and optional dot-matrix and double-sided printing, gradients from CMYK to zero and alphanumeric codes. Digital printing is a CO2 free technology. The inks are compostable. Polyolefin coating is used for film bonding.

Customized packaging

Different motives can be incorporated in the main project, depending on the needs these can be changes in colour, background or selected graphic components. At request, we provide a proof print on target film with an option of immediate modifications to the project. Lamination can create printed laminates without the need for curing, immediately for packing machine processing.

The innovative PACK READY LAMINATION technology
with digital reverse printing is primarily:

  • customized packaging
  • when an infinite number of packaging units is printed, each packaging can be different and unique
  • dot-matrix printing, bar codes, alphanumeric codes etc.
  • unique print quality
  • lively, saturated colours
  • possible gradients to zero
  • superior, repeatable quality
  • no difference in quality between the beginning and the end of reel
  • high transparency
  • starting from 1 running metre
  • no extra costs of modifications for subsequent orders
  • proof print on target film with prompt modification option
  • the packaging is ready for use, products can be packed immediately after lamination
  • no need for laminate curing
  • carbon dioxide free technology
  • free from carcinogenic aromatic amines
  • free from chemical compounds deteriorating visual qualities
  • compostable inks, polyolefin coating used for bonding films
  • Our team consists of experts working in the packaging industry for nearly 20 years. We provide professional service and safe decision making. We are at your disposal offering professional advice.

Our machines

HP Indigo 20000 is the only digital printer offering quality higher than rotogravure printers. It ensures the highest resolution and ideal colour matching. It satisfies strict colour requirements and guarantees 97% PANTONE® colour range.

Pack Ready Laminator is an environment-friendly machine designed to mitigate negative environmental impacts. It is a set of solutions for conversion after digital printing, thanks to which the film is immediately ready for use without the need for time-consuming film curing. It forms a strong bond between the digitally printed base and the laminated Pack Ready film, so digital converters can immediately put the ready packaging on the market.